Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day Tripper

Its raining its pouring I wish I was still in bed snoring...what a wet October we've had! Lets go some place I know is warm and dry- lets go to Gardens in Austin Texas. I don't remember the first time I saw pictures of Gardens, I just remember loving the corrugated metal front to their store. They opened their nursery in 1981 and since have added the store (pictured below) and recently an additional location in Dallas. Isn't it sweet?

Gardens is driven by the need for simple, modern, artisanal plantings and surroundings. They design most of their own containers for plants- I like that, something thats made locally, by the people selling it (have I mentioned that a couple of times before? I'm like a broken record!) Lets stroll, no wellies or umbrellas needed....

Ha! Is that a tub in the picture above? I'm telling you, I need a tub for my plants outside. Their indoor store has a little bit of everything-
I think this picture looks like a fun old country store- with some modern flair. (Love the platters- and the milky vases- and the black bowls and the cake plates and their domes and....)

Beautiful vases! I am always on the prowl for fun flower vessels. They remind me of Jolly Ranchers or some other type of hard candy thats been sucked on for a while (that sounds kind of gross, I know- but its what it reminds me of, what can I say?)

What garden store would be complete without some seeds & bulbs. Speaking of bulbs, wait until you see what I'm up to my elbows in today...provided of course that Mother Nature gives me a break & lets up on the rain!! Grrrr! (Pictures tomorrow-hopefully.)

Well, as its not raining in any of these pictures- and once again its quite sunny- my mood has been lifted- I feel kind of warm and sunny on the inside and thats all that really matters. Well, okay, I hope you feel that way too. Really, I do.
Click here for more pictures and information on Gardens.
Oh- and just so you know, I don't really snore- it rhymed, and it goes with the song, so I went with it.

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